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Arizona Staff

Western Resource Advocates Arizona office focuses on the environmental aspects of energy consumption and production, as well as water conservation.

With energy, we are concerned with reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and with climate change policy.  Our efforts are focused on policies to increase the renewable energy, to promote energy efficiency, and to accelerate technological change.  We participate in forums such as the Arizona Corporation Commission, serve on working groups and committees, and  conduct economic and other technical analyses of energy alternatives.  Our research has been published in scholarly and professional journals, including Energy Policy, The Electricity Journal, Local Environment, and Ecological Economics.

We also focus on improving water conservation in all Arizona communities. Our staff works with local and regional water providers, governments, and policymakers to advance water planning, conservation, and efficiency programs in Arizona. This a key part of our Smart Water program that aims to meet human water needs while also protecting healthy aquatic ecosystems in western rivers and streams.

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