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Colorado Gives Day

Western Resource Advocates (WRA) is proud to be a participant in Colorado Gives Day, presented by Community First Foundation and FirstBank.

During a 24-hour period on Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 2014, Coloradans will come together to raise millions of dollars for nonprofits like Western Resource Advocates. On this day, you can increase the value of your donation by making your gift to Western Resource Advocates through our Colorado Gives Day page at


Giving Power Increased

FirstBank is boosting all donations to nonprofits such as WRA on any contribution scheduled or received on Dec. 9th through an Incentive Fund. The more money that you contribute to WRA on Dec. 9th, the more money that we will receive from FirstBank's Incentive Fund!

Schedule Your Donation Today

Remember: This is a one-day only fundraising event, but you can schedule your donation now to be processed on December 9th!  For more information or to schedule your donation now, go to
Thank you for your support of Western Resource Advocates. For information on additional ways to help us, click here.