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Ways to Give

waysThe West we love is at risk. There is much at stake, and no time to waste.

Unwise or cavalier development of western resources means huge impacts for western lands, wildlife, water, and air, as well as our heritage. That's why Western Resource Advocates is here. Since 1989, Western Resource Advocates has been working to protect the American West. And we hope you'll join us today.

Please help create future successes in our fragile region by joining Western Resource Advocates today.

Here are the different ways you can help:

For questions on any of the above options, please contact Anita Schwartz at 720.763.3727 or

Each of our programs in clean energy, public lands defense, water conservation, and river protection is committed to protecting the American West from the impacts of climate change. And each of these programs needs your support.

You can provide the necessary funding to continue our important work. Every dollar counts. And when you give, you’ll be protecting the very lands we all love.

Together we will defend environmentally-protective rules for oil and gas development, collaborate with cities on water conservation plans, advocate for increased use of clean energy, and protect communities, farmers, and ranchers from the threats of extractive industries.

By joining us today, you will help make the American West a leading region in curtailing climate change.

For questions on any of the above options, please contact Anita Schwartz at 720.763.3727 or

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Western Resource Advocates Receives Highest Rating from America’s Premier Charity Evaluator

Charity Navigator’s rating system examines two broad areas of a charity’s financial health — how responsibly it functions and how well positioned it is to sustain its programs over time. Western Resource Advocates received the highest rating — 4 stars.

Western Resource Advocates appreciates your donations and assures sensible and efficient use of your generous gift.