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State Clean Energy Advocacy

Learn about our work in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico to promote clean energy.


Our work in Arizona focuses on developing and advancing policies that promote clean energy, such as increasing Arizona's use of renewable energy and encouraging greater energy efficiency.


We collaborate with environmental and community organizations, the clean energy industry and utilities to design and implement these policies. We are also advocates for clean energy before the Arizona Corporation Commission, which regulates utilities.

Our research advances scientific knowledge on energy policy and has appeared in journals such as Energy Policy and Ecological Economics.

This year the energy program in Arizona:

Going forward, our program will promote energy storage (batteries, flywheels, etc.) as a complement to solar and wind energy, and assist community organizations to deliver energy savings through energy efficiency programs.


Clean Air - Clean Jobs Act: Making it a Reality

Clean JobsWestern Resource Advocates played a central role in the crafting and passage of HB 1365, also known as the "Clean Air- Clean Jobs Act"(pdf). The legislation is the first in the nation to provide a framework for the retirement and replacement of aging coal-fired power plants with cleaner resources, including natural gas, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Retiring aging coal plants is one of the most significant actions that can be taken to achieve cleaner air, reduce the adverse health impacts from air pollution, and cut heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

Critical components fo the Clean Air Clean Jobs Act and Xcel Energy's Plan are:

While Western Resource Advocates generally supports Xcel's Plan, our testimony has asked the Colorado PUC to advance the retirement of some of the affected coal plants to 2017 or earlier.

New Mexico

Fighting Climate Change with the Clean Energy Standard

Western Resource Advocates is working to reduce the impact of climate change in the West through an innovative new clean energy standard.

Our clean energy standard can be adopted one state at a time, and places a price on carbon dioxide emissions (which contribute to climate change). It requires utilities to reduce the carbon footprint of their electricity generation each year. The standard encourages utilities to phase-out power generating sources that emit large amounts of carbon dioxide, such as coal plants, and transition to cleaner resources, such as renewable energy, that emit little to no carbon dioxide.

Western Resource Advocates is working to implement our clean energy standard in New Mexico. Once implemented, it can provide a track record for carbon regulation and serve as a model for other states to effectively combat climate change.