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Our Work in Water

Water, or more often, the lack thereof, is a defining feature of the landscapes, history, and culture of the West. Water scarcity means intelligent use of this essential resource is critical to a sustainable future. WRA focuses on four areas of activity: conserving urban water supplies, restoring rivers throughout the West, protecting Utah’s Great Salt Lake , and encouraging energy solutions — such as wind and forms of solar power — that have little or no consumptive impact on water resources.



Promoting Water Conservation

Our Smart Water Project successfully promotes increased urban water conservation and identifies alternative sources of supply to meet future demand all across our region. We keep water in the West’s rivers, lakes, and aquifers by working with governments and water providers to implement common-sense strategies, such as tiered water rate structures, smart land-use planning, landscape regulations, and re-use of existing supplies.

Energy/Water Nexus
Energy and water are entwined, as use of one resource results in consumption of the other. Our Energy-Water Nexus project highlights the energy demands and carbon footprint of water projects, such as dams and pipelines, as well as the water demands that result from our energy choices. Our research and studies guide decision makers across the region to make informed choices to use water and energy in a sustainable manner.

River Protection Projects

We believe it is vital to preserve and restore the beauty, ecology, native fish, recreation, and economic benefit of rivers throughout the West — from the Green and Cache la Poudre rivers to the Gunnison and Colorado rivers.